Maywood Community School Library Online Catalogue


Maywood School Library Social Contract

In the Maywood Library we promise to respect:

  • The books
  • The property
  • The people in the library

We promise to help each other and to enjoy reading, learning and sharing.


Information from the Maywood Library

How Do Students Borrow Books?

When you visit the library:

  • take a shelf marker from the tin and use it to mark the spot you removed a book from. If you want to borrow the book, put the shelf marker away. If you don’t want the book, put it back where the shelf marker is.
  • spend a few minutes reading the book to be sure it is one that you want before signing it out.
  • use a quiet voice, handle books carefully, and push your chair in when you leave.

Signing out books:

Kindergarten and Grade 1 students: 1 book or magazine per visit

Grade 2 – 7 students: 2 books or magazines per visit

  • Take your books and your library card to the computer to be scanned for sign out.
  • Put a date due card in the pocket of each book.
  • Primary students: Return your library card to its place in the class chart.
  • If you brought a library pass, take it back to your classroom.

When are books due back?

  • Books are due back in one week, on your class book exchange day.
  • If you finish the books early, you may exchange them at 8:30-9:00,12:15 – 12:30 or 3:00 – 3:15 any day that the open sign is by the library door.
  • You may also exchange books between 9:00 & 9:30 or 12:30 & 12:45 with a library pass and your teacher’s permission.
  • If you want to keep a book longer than one week, bring it to the library to be renewed.
  • If you want a library book that a friend has finished reading, both of you must come to the library so the book can be returned by your friend and signed out by you.

Taking Care of Library Books:

  • keep books clean and dry
  • turn the pages carefully
  • keep books away from little children unless carefully supervised
  • keep books away from crayons, felt pens, pencils and scissors
  • keep books in a safe place where you can easily find